Century City’s fleet gets new home

New harbour built at Intaka Island

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Date 16 March 2018

Century City’s fleet of operational and leisure craft has a new home.

A small harbour has been built at Intaka Island across the canal from Waters Edge residential development to accommodate both of Century City’s harvesters, three aluminium boats known as skiffs and two tour boats.

The harvesters are used to cut the aquatic plants in the canals and thus provide a vital role in maintaining water quality. The three skiffs are working boats which are used among other things to pick up litter and cut the vegetation on the canal edges. They also assist in removing aquatic plants.

The two tour boats can each accommodate 12 people and are used to take members of the public on canal trips around Intaka Island and down the Grand Canal. These tours have been temporarily suspended until water levels in the canals recover from the extended drought.