Mass rescue operation for 3 car “pile-up”

Emergency Disaster Management Response Exercise

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Date 10 November 2017

Two people were killed and eight others were seriously injured when one of two speeding cars rammed the other and a third ploughed into them near Liberty Circle in Century City.

Bodies were strewn across the road from the force of the high impact pile-up and smoke billowed from the mangled wrecks.

First on the scene were the Century City Venue hosts who checked for survivors to assist. Within minutes the wailing sound of sirens filled the air with emergency vehicles arriving on mass – ER24, the Fire Department, Disaster Management, Traffic Services and Law Enforcement.

Other motorists and office workers watched in horror as dozens of rescue workers rushed to remove the injured and dead from the scene which resembled a war zone.

Within half an hour the ambulances had ferried the dead and injured away and the vehicles were cleared from the scene with all rescue worker decamping for a debriefing.

Yes, it was another successful Emergency Disaster Management Response Exercise, which forms part of Century City’s Festive Preparedness programme, to prepare emergency services for real disasters but so realistic was it that many onlookers were none the wiser!

Two visibly distressed Grade 8 learners from Abbotts College saw the accident from afar and came to investigate.

“’Yoh Yoh,” said Siyanda Tshokotshola and Merari Mkunu in unison shaking their heads and covering their eyes.

“This is bad, very bad. I don’t want to see dead bodies,” said Merari even after he was re-assured it was just a simulation.

“It looks so real.”

“Nah,” said a now much braver Siyanda. “I could see the blood was not real.” But they stayed around a long time longer just to make sure.